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Our growing collection of duos includes all of Telemann's (3 volumes), plus volumes by Quantz, de la Barre and Krähmer and the complete Hotteterre. And if you just want a few selections, try Larry Bernstein's Duo Collection (DOL 109). which contains duos from the 13th to the 18th century.

JACQUES HOTTETERE, Complete Duos for alto recorders DOL 706 £6.95

MICHEL DE LA BARRE, Complete Duos, Vol I: Suites 1-V) DOL 704 £5.95

JOHANN JOACHIM QUANTZ, Six Duetti. Op. 2 (1759). DOL 702 Set of parts. £5.95

GEORG PHILIPP TELEMANN, Six Duos (1752). DOL 701 £5.95

GEORG PHILIPP TELEMANN, The Berlin Duos for 2 alto recorders. DOL 705 £5.95

GEORG PHILIPP TELEMANN, Complete Op. 2 Sonatas + sonata from Der getreue Music-Meister. DOL 707 £5.95

ERNST KRÄHMER, Originalstücke (Op. 25), for 2 recorders. DOL 703 £3.95


Early Music for recorders

If you like early music please visit, where you can find out about around 1000 titles that you can play on recorders, by composers such as Holborne, Susato, Praetorius and all the favourites.

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