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 These are our 10 top-selling titles:

The Baroque Solo Book (DOL111)

Telemann, Complete Sonatas (DOL 124)

Van Eyck, Der Fluyten Lust-hof (DOL 125)

Matteis, Ground on the Scotch Humour etc. (DOL 602)

Easy Music of Monteverdi's Time, 2 vols (DOL 103 + 113)

The Duo Collection (DOL 109)

The Consort Collection, Vol. I + II (DOL 101, 107)

Montalbano, 4 Sinfonias DOL 233 £4.50



Early Music for recorders

If you like early music please visit, where you can find out about around 1000 titles that you can play on recorders, by composers such as Holborne, Susato, Praetorius and all the favourites.

How to order:

order by e-mail via contact

tel/fax: +44 (0)208 671 5727

by post to:
London Pro Musica
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London SW2 5DB

Cheques payable to LPM.
All major credit cards accepted.