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Csakan music

We have the best selection of music for the csakan (the 19th-century recorder), with stunning pieces by Ernst Krähmer and Anton Heberle. Krähmer was a remarkable virtuoso who composed a number of impressive salon pieces. Good practice material both for technique and interpretation, especially as generally Krähmer marked up his music very thoroughly, as you can see in the studies from the Csakan -Schule. A good starting-point would be Krähmer's Hungarian Rondo, written in kind of gypsy style. 

ERNST KRÄHMER, Souvenir a la Suisse, Op. 27, for solo recorder. DOL 206 £2.75

ERNST KRÄHMER, Original Potpourri, Op. 3, for recorder solo. DOL 210 £2.95

ERNST KRÄHMER, Two Original Themes with Variations, Op. 24, for solo recorder. DOL 215. £2.75: AB syllabus

ANTON HEBERLE, Sonata (1808), for recorder solo. DOL 507 £2.75

ANTON HEBERLE, Fantasia, for recorder solo. DOL 508, £2.95

ERNST KRAHMER, Fantasia (1821), for recorder solo. DOL 510, £2.95

ERNST KRAHMER, 50 Studies from the Csakan-Schule, DOL 511 £4.95

ERNST KRÄHMER, Concert Polonaise, Op. 5, for alto recorder and piano. DOL 204 £4.25

ERNST KRÄHMER, Rondo 'La Tyrolienne', Op. 35, for soprano recorder and piano. DOL 205 £4.75

ERNST KRÄHMER, Variations Brillantes, Op. 18, for soprano recorder and piano. DOL 207 £4.95

ERNST KRAHMER, Introduction & Variations Brillantes, Op. 23, for soprano recorder and piano. DOL 209 £4.95

RNST KRÄHMER, Rondeau Hongrois, Op. 28, for soprano recorder and piano or guitar. DOL 211 £4.95

ERNST KRÄHMER, Introduction and Variations on an Original Theme, for soprano recorder and piano or guitar. DOL 212 £4.95



Early Music for recorders

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