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Workshop Manual

Adrian Brown, The Recorder: A Basic Workshop Manual (DOL 112), £6.95

We have just reprinted a new and improved version of this invaluable book. It gives useful information on how to keep your recorders in good condition, to do minor repairs, and, above all, how to improve the tuning. Comprehensively illustrated with photographs, as well as some line illustrations that take away much of the mystery about recorder acoustics.

The book manages to be rigorous and scientific, with diagrams showing, for instance, which part of the bore affects which notes, but is eminently practical, and everything is clearly explained.


Early Music for recorders

If you like early music please visit, where you can find out about around 1000 titles that you can play on recorders, by composers such as Holborne, Susato, Praetorius and all the favourites.

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